Natural stone kitchen countertops are found in many of today’s most glamorous kitchen designs and have proven to be the choice of many Long Island homeowners. Natural beauty abounds in pure looks, quality and durability. Your home will have the look of luxury, no matter your choice.

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The most popular natural kitchen countertops found many Long Island homes include granite, marble and quartz/quartzite. Natural countertop stone will have advantages and disadvantages, and prices will vary based on the quality and durability. When shopping for the highest quality kitchen countertop marble, granite or quartz, look to Mackson Marble & Granite for advice, quality and value!


Granite has been the top choice for many Long Island homeowners, as it can fill even the modest of spaces with elegance and luxury. Durability and a broad range of both dark and light colors with variations in patterns have made it a popular choice for many local kitchen countertops. We can also cut it in a variety of edge choices from square, s-shape and to full bullnose. Granite requires limited maintenance and is easy to care for. Soap and water will clean it efficiently. The porosity of some granite pieces may require yearly sealing to stop any stains from penetrating it. Granite also resistant to heat, which makes it a good choice for kitchen countertops and backyard kitchens.

Advantages of Granite

  • Strong and durable
  • Almost unaffected by heat
  • Home value increase
  • Thousands of colors and types
  • Free of maintenance and upkeep


Marble is another popular natural stone used in kitchen design in many Long Island homes. No two slabs are the same, so don’t be nervous about copying a friend! Marble is typically of higher quality and is often used on island centerpieces or areas for baking rather than entire countertop spaces. Marble is a highly sought after natural stone for many reasons, but it also has its drawbacks because of its proclivity for both stains and scratches, though sealers can help reduce upkeep. Marble is still ahead of the game because of its sleek, clean and modern feeling that lifts a kitchen area to new heights. There’s nothing like a bright white marble finish, though it’s available in shades of taupe, brown and gray with no slabs being exactly the same. With marble being softer and more porous, it will scratch and stain, but with new sealers available, the chances are less for either. One key aspect of marble is its ability to maintain a low temperature, which accommodates homeowners who like to bake, plus it’s a great surface for rolling and shaping dough.

Advantages of Marble

  • More resistant to scratching, cracking and breaking
  • Increases value of a home
  • Beautiful stone with unique veining


Quartz is an engineered stone which is formed from 93 percent quartz particles that are placed into slab configuration held together by resins. It’s a composite material that is unbelievably hard, never requires resealing, and is non porous, which makes it resistant to staining and scratching. Because of its man-made status, quartz countertops are a good way to get the look of natural stone without the worry of durability. More and more Long Island homeowners are seeing quartz as an excellent investment without prohibitive costs and availability. It’s a better alternative, and it comes in a large range of colors and has a surface that resists staining and scratching. It requires no sealing. You get the look of natural stone without the worry of durability.

Advantages of Quartz

  • Less imperfections because its manmade
  • Diverse selection of colors and patterns
  • Easily maintained with no required sealing
  • Uniform slabs with no imperfections
  • Custom designs in any size or shape
  • Resistant to stains, heat and acids
  • Less likely to chip or crack
  • Convincing, natural appearance


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that’s formed when sandstone is exposed to heat and pressure. The stone is quarried and formed into slabs that are cut to size for countertops. The surface is polished and sealed for beauty and durability. The color selections vary from light to dark, but there are additional colors as well in pink and red tones that happen because of iron oxide dispersed in the stone. Streaking will occur in quartzite because of the mineral composition. Whatever your choice, quartzite is most natural in its appearance, like granite and marble. The hardness and durability of quartzite make it harder than granite, though scratching can occur from sharp objects. It’s best to use a cutting board with this stone. Its durability requires care, so both sealing and resealing should occur at least twice a year. Stains can get through to this natural material like it can with granite and marble.

Advantages of Quartzite

  • Appearance of natural stone
  • Similar to marble in looks
  • Durable - harder than granite
  • Ultraviolet light resistant
  • Cleaning is simple

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The Mackson Marble & Granite Commitment to Quality and Service

Mackson Marble & Granite was founded in January 2010 and has established itself as one of the best importers and distributors of premium quality Granite, Marble and Onyx slabs and tiles in the city of New York and the Long Island area.

We believe in individualized, creative and personalized service that is customized according to customer specifics. Our clientele are unique individuals who deserve the best in service. We want their specific needs met. Our vast array of exotic, elegant and exquisite materials delight our customers, both retail and wholesale, and make their shopping experience unmatched. We are committed to quality and service from the beginning to the end of their project.

Mackson Marble & Granite takes pride in its quality collections, dependable delivery, considerable inventory, individualized customer service and free samples.

Three-Fold Customer Process

Our retail process is three-fold. Simply call us to schedule an appointment to visit our Farmingdale showroom at 631.390.9490. We’re open for viewing Monday thru Friday from 8:00-5:00. A salesperson will be assigned to your project to help you make an informed decision. Feel free, if available, to bring cabinet door, paint, fabric and flooring samples with you for your appointment.

Once you have scheduled an appointment and arrive at our facility, you’ll meet with your retail specialist to help you with the layout and design of your project while you look for the exact natural stone that meets your needs and color scheme.

You can view slabs at any time as our facility is totally indoors and once you have made a selection, we’ll keep your choices on record along with an estimate for later viewing and decision making. When you make a final choice with the help of family members or your interior designer, we will contact the fabricator/installer for shipping arrangements of the material you select for completion of your project.

Wholesale Kitchen Countertops Slabs on Long Island

Mackson Marble & Granite has excellent rapport and relations with innumerable quarries around the world and has the ability to easily source and fulfill both retail and commercial projects. We have nearly a million square feet of materials in a wide array of colors. We encourage builders, developers and architects involved in wholesale businesses to contact us in relation to their project specifics and natural stone requirements.

Our commitment to quality directs us to follow guidelines with our countertop slabs. We adhere to strict inspections and standards and steer clear of any faults, spots, cracks, veining and other flaws in slabs. We want our customers to have access to the best in the world and will search for it with quality control in mind.

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Our consultation services involve individualized and personalized contact with each and every customer from the initiation of a project to its finish. Your salesperson will be with you through the process and will answer all your questions and deal with any problems that might occur. You will be given a specified time period for delivery and completion of your project.

Quotes/Estimates for your slab will depend on the grade and type of slab chosen and any other attached services.

Installation – Your salesperson can recommend expert installers through our distribution channel, or you can also provide your own. Installations can be tricky with certain materials, so you want the best installers available.

Service – Follow up services are available for any problems that may occur with your project. Whether a retail or wholesale project, we are there to help you resolve any issues that may occur before, during or after your project.

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