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Great Neck, NY: Marble, Granite, and Stone Slab Supply

Want to improve to beauty and value of your home, but you’re not sure where to start? No worries, this guide will walk you through the major points of some wonderful home projects.

Our Stone

There are many different stones out there, and each has its own variations. Rather than covering them all, here are a few of the most popular options that each have their own unique characteristics and benefits. See if one of these has a place in your home.

Countertops Farmingdale NY Long Island Granite Marble Quartz


Marble is a beautiful rock that can bring much-needed color to your home. Not only does it look good, but it is also functional. As a natural stone, marble is resistant to scratches and showing everyday messes but is also one of the more affordable materials you can work with. These combine to make it a great long-term choice for many home projects.


Another beautiful natural rock, granite, can be a great addition to your home, especially for countertops. With colors that won’t fade over time and stain resistance due to not being very porous, granite is another solid long term choice. It is also resistant to fire and heat, which can be a big plus.


As the only non-natural material on this list, quartz offers a different range of benefits. For example, it is more uniform, which some people prefer, but others don’t. One major benefit is that it does not require the sealing that natural stone does. It is sufficiently hard, so repairs are fairly rare, but repairs can be made much easier since it isn’t natural.


Quartzite is a natural form of Quartz. If you’re looking at marble, you may want to take a look at quartzite as well because they often have similar looks. Unlike marble, though, quartzite is a poor choice for situations that involve high heat or sharp objects. Therefore, it is not typically recommended for the kitchen.

Projects We Service in Great Neck

Now that you’ve seen some of the pros and cons of some of the materials that you can use, it is time to really think about how you will get it. We offer all the stones above and more for a variety of projects.


Whether it is in your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever, your home is going to have countertops. Depending on your situation, you may lean towards one material or another, but if you’re unsure, we’ll help you decide on one and work to get you a great cut for your needs.

Backyards and BBQs

Who doesn’t love utilizing their outdoor space? Whether you have kids or want to entertain friends from time to time, backyard events just feel more fun than indoor events. When the weather is right, everyone wants to be outside, so make sure you have the right space set up. Whether it is a barbeque, bar, or other feature, using the right materials can make all of the difference in the world.


The right flooring can change the way an entire room or even house looks and feels. It can create a good base that puts off the right vibe and will last for quite some time. We can help you ensure that you have reliable floors that fit properly in your home to give you the most satisfaction possible out of your purchase.

Interiors and Exteriors

Front yard, back yard, or anywhere in between, if it is on your property, we can help you find the right rock to give the functionality and look that you desire. Good stone can be used anywhere and everywhere, not just in your kitchen and bathroom.

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

As a company, Mackson Marble and Granite is all about customer satisfaction. Our services go through extensive checks to make sure that we are meeting the standards that we’ve set for ourselves. Additionally, we offer premium materials with excellent cuts at affordable prices to give the best possible service that we can.

Open to the Public

Unlike some of the other regional stone companies, we are open to anyone that is looking for stone, whether you just need a bit for a small project or a lot to remodel an apartment complex. We’re open to all customers and hope to help you out soon!

We Sell Wholesale to the Trades!

If you’re buying in bulk, we’re more than happy to wholesale the materials you need. You will still get out excellent quality at an even better price. It’s truly a win-win. So if you’re in a trade or want a lot of rock for any reason, reach out to us today!

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