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Smithtown's Source for Marble, Granite, Quartz & Other Natural Stone

Let your search for a local Smithtown stone supply company end with Mackson Marble and Granite. Established in 2010, Mackson Marble and Granite has grown into Long Island’s premiere importer, supplier, and distributor of premium granite, marble, onyx, quartzite slabs and tiles in the New York metropolitan area. Supplying both retail and wholesale / commercial clients, we’re proud to offer some of the most exotic styles of natural stone. Searching for a truly unique natural stone supplier in the Smithtown area? Visit Mackson Marble & Granite today.

Granite, Marble, Quartzite & Onyx Kitchen Countertops

One of the most popular stone countertop choices for Smithtown homeowners is granite. Granite is durable and comes in a broad range of colors, easily complementing and kitchen interior. Mackson Marble and Granite can cut your marble slab into practically any shape you choose. Granite requires minimal maintenance, and soap and water can easily keep this amazing stone clean.

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Smithtown Marble Countertop Supplier

Searching for a marble slab for your Smithtown home? Marble is truly a unique piece of stone. No two slabs are alike, so don’t worry about having the same countertop of your Smithtown neighbor. Marble is typically higher quality and used for many countertops and kitchen islands. Because of the quality of marble, it’s highly sought after for many Long Island homes and office buildings. If you’re looking for a natural stone that is modern and sleek that can make your kitchen become the centerpiece of your home, marble should be your go-to slab.

Quartzite Countertops Are a Great Option

Unlike the synthetic version, quartzite is a metamorphic rocks formed naturally. Quartzite is quarried and cut into slabs, where it’s imported and delivered to your home by our installation team. Quartzite is hard and durable, but it’s common to have scratches appear without proper care.

Natural Stone Yards Close to Smithtown

Searching for a natural stone yard near Smithtown? Mackson Marble and Granite is one of Long Island’s best stone suppliers for homeowners and commercial installers. At our local Long Island marble and granite yard, all of our slabs undergo a strict inspection process to keep our quality and standards high. We have a strong commitment to the highest quality, and that shows in our marble and granite yard and showroom.

Are You Looking for Wholesale Stone Slabs or a Stone Supplier in the Smithtown Area?

Mackson Marble and Granite is proud to be Long Island’s leading natural stone resource for wholesales, suppliers, contractors, architects, and other trade professionals. Visit our Long Island stone slab yard / showroom to meet our staff and our exquisite product. We’re proud to supply the New York metropolitan area, including Smithtown area trade professionals.

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