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Want to improve to beauty and value of your home, but you’re not sure where to start? No worries, this guide will walk you through the major points of some wonderful home projects.

Huntington's Top Marble, Granite & Natural Stone Selection for Countertops

Mackson Marble appreciates the beauty of a magnificent stone countertop. We search the world’s quarries looking for perfect quartz, quartzite, granite and marble. Nothing makes us happier than adding a great specimen to our retail warehouse.

Yet, a Mackson kitchen countertop made of immaculate stone is practical too. These resilient materials can be cleaned and sanitized with ease. Their durability stands up to daily cleanings over the decades.

Why prepare dinner with fresh produce from a farmers market on anything but the best stone? Ask Mackson Marble to design your kitchen space. We promise to deliver the perfect space for cooking, gathering and dining. We support you from the estimate to the installation. We back up our stone with the best service.

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Marble results when limestone experiences great heat and pressure underground. The durability of marble allows our technicians to give it a lustrous finish. This finish gives it a classic look for countertops. Remember, when the Greeks and Romans built temples, the ancients selected marble. Are gatherings around the best cuisine and good wine a family ritual? Then add marble to your kitchen design.


We appreciate the gravitas of granite. Granite began life as magma, hot lava below the earth’s crust. The more slowly marble cooled, the larger the grains visible in the granite. The grains of feldspar, quartz and mica help to identify granite. We mine granite from the heart of mountains, as close as Vermont and as far away as Africa.

Granite shares the durability of quartz, making it difficult to scratch or wear. For the sake of durability, we recommend a sealant over granite. This classic stone always commands respect. A somber colored stone, granite also comes in stunning white and noble black colors. This stone even comes in a blue pearl color.


We love the qualities of quartz. Quartz can be called the diamond of countertops. Quartz results when molten silicon dioxide slowly cools, forming large crystals. Quartz means durability. Quartz means a stone hard enough and beautiful enough to be considered jewelry.

A countertop of quartz can be delightfully illuminated for that supper club effect. Quartz comes often in translucent white crystal. Yet quartz comes in a spectrum of colors, including amethyst, citrine, rose and onyx. Do you love to drink wine at home? Imagine pouring a beautiful Chianti into Riedel glass stems. Imagine those crystal stems set out on an illuminated quartz countertop.


Quartzite forms when sandstone made of quartz grains experiences intense heat and pressure. Quartzite resembles granite because it shows grains. Yet quartzite grains sparkle more than the grains found in granite. Quartzite is mostly grains of quartz. Quartzite offers greater durability than granite. Quartzite comes in white and gray tones primarily. However, mineral content tends to add subtle colors and patterns to quartzite.

Projects We Service in Huntington

Now that you’ve seen some of the pros and cons of some of the materials that you can use, it is time to really think about how you will get it. We offer all the stones above and more for a variety of projects.

Indoor & Outdoor Stone Kitchens

We love to design quality countertops for the home. Yet, we believe that premium stone belongs in the backyard and around the BBQ. Granite is a stone discovered when hiking in the Adirondacks or the Catskills. Thus, granite works well in an outdoor space dedicated to cooking over the barbecue. Granite adds the mountain experience to dining al fresco. Yet, we’ve seen quartz, quartzite and marble work perfectly for outdoor installation.

The Mackson Marble & Granite Advantage

Our premium stone makes exceptional flooring. We find that marble and granite work best for flooring. Marble and granite give designers the right price point and durability. Nothing is more impressive than a gleaming marble floor to welcome guests to your home. Marble and granite clean with ease, even more easily than vinyl or wood flooring.

Quality stone makes interiors seem elegant and yet safe and secure. There’s something about the weight of stone that makes people feel protected by it. Outside, stone work of granite and marble makes exteriors look majestic and solid.

Our dedication to quality and service shows in our sales process. We put service first from the quote to the estimate to the installation to the support. Our quality control team inspects stones for flaws: veins, cracking and unattractive coloration. Our expert installation teams are not finished until you express delight. We know that our customers build homes for themselves, their children and grandchildren. We want our retail customers to become customers for generations.

Our retail showroom is open to the public and open to the trades. In fact, we often have high school students visit our warehouse. Our inventory shows the scientific quality of marble, quartz, quartzite and granite. We love that our showroom is a museum of noble stone cut by master craftsmen.

Wholesale & Retail Natural Stone Throughout Huntington & Long Island

We sell wholesale to the trades. Ask Mackson Marble for referrals to tradesmen whom we trust to buy our quality stone. Tradesmen, please contact us for a no obligation quote. We love to add quality craftsmen to our wholesale family. Call Mackson Marble today!

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