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Mackson Marble & Granite proudly serves the Glen Cove area. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our marble, granite, quartzite and onyx stone supply, showroom and yard.

Glen Cove Marble And Natural Stone Slabs And Installation Services

Today, fine cultured and natural rock surfaces enhance contemporary living spaces. Homes and businesses employ Marble, Granite, Quartz, and Quartzite for a wide variety of purposes. Mackson Marble offers custom-cut slabs and other products, as well as skilled installation services. We serve both retail and wholesale customers. Request a quote for your next project.

Discover Superb Marble And Natural Stone

We carry a spectrum of premium products. Some of the most popular include:

Countertops Farmingdale NY Long Island Granite Marble Quartz


Marble occurs in a variety of beautiful colors. Find distinctive white, pink, blue, green, gray, black, and blue-gray color combinations. Each slab reflects unique patterns. This comparatively soft rock consists of recrystallized carbonate substrates producing lustrous surfaces. We recommend regular sealing to protect against staining and scuffing.


Tough polished Granite slabs provide ideal surfaces for use in exterior (and interior) locations. Formed during volcanic activity, this mineral supplies impressive durability. Choose black, grey, brown, or reddish shades.


Quartz displays a silicon dioxide matrix. It comprises a significant percentage of the Earth’s mantle. Today, Quartz products range from semi-precious gemstones to superb slabs. Available in many different colors, this beautiful material ranks 7 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness. For example, contemporary suppliers frequently culture Quartz to engineer tough building materials like countertops from this eye-catching mineral.


Widely used in the United States, Quartzite resists staining better than Granite. This long lasting material engineered from quartz sandstones enjoys widespread popularity. It occurs in a dizzying variety of colors. We carry great selections of Quartzite countertops.

Glen Cove Stone Installation Services

Mackson Marble offers excellent stone cutting and installation. We routinely perform these installations for retail customers:



The beauty of natural and cultured stone embellishes kitchens, pantries, workshops, offices, and bathrooms. Our team of expert installers routinely helps cut and fit lovely Marble, Granite, Quartz, and Quartzite countertops. We also transport and install these slabs.

Backyards And BBQs

Today, the charm of natural stone surfaces enhance outdoor kitchens, picnic areas, and patios. Our lovely granite products in particular make some of the best additions to backyards. Contact us whenever you plan to install an outdoor bar, a garden workbench, a stone-backed grill, or a delightful natural stone poolside.


Many different natural and cultured stone flooring products delight cutomers. Marble or Granite floors rival tile as popular selections. Typically installed over cement, the durability of stone offers solid value. This exquisite flooring supplies both water and fire resistant environments. Use stone floors in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and other high traffic locations. These products enhance indoor swimming pools, spa rooms, laundry rooms, fine dining rooms, fireplace exteriors, verandas, and other sites, too.


Fine stone interior accents contribute to the allure of opulent properties in Long Island. Today, stone slabs lend visual interest to office building lobbies and custom homes, for instance. Whether structural or purely decorative, our lines of Marble, Granite, Quartz, and Quartzite add value to these settings.


We also install natural stone building exteriors. Have you dreamed of creating a more imposing front entrance? Simply request a quote today. We possess the capability to cut and shape stone to fit your architectural requirements. Our work frequently assists remodeling, for example. From custom cut trim to granite tile and slate roofing, natural stone adds enduring beauty to residential and business exteriors. We offer complete installation services!

The Mackson Marble and Granite Commitment to Quality And Service

Why do so many astute customers in New York prefer premium Marble and stone products? These durable materials add comfort to living spaces. Sometimes simply replacing a heavily worn countertop transforms the appearance of a room. The lovely, one-of-a-kind slabs in our inventory provide years of utility and enjoyment.

We also perform knowledgeable installations. Consider using these product lines to create the luxurious custom home of your dreams. Our building supplies appeal to enterprises seeking fashionable business venues, too. Add a stylish countertop to an optometry office, a motel, a restaurant, a beauty salon, or a commercial kitchen. Mackson Marble will provide an estimate before undertaking your project.

Serving All of Long Island

As a trusted local supplier of fine quality Marble and Natural Stone, we maintains a showroom in Farmingdale, Long Island. Visit us at 40 Gazza Boulevard (just off Route 110). We offer the best supplies at wholesale prices to licensed New York trades contractors. Request a free estimate for slab delivery and installation.

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