Oyster Bay, NY Marble, Granite Stone Supply and Installation

Mackson Marble & Granite proudly serves the Oyster Bay area of Long Island. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our marble, granite, quartzite and onyx stone supply, showroom and yard.

Oyster Bay, NY Marble, Granite and Stone Slab Supply

If you’re looking for marble and natural stone slabs and installation, Mackson Marble and Granite has stone to suit your needs. Servicing Oyster Bay, New York, Mackson Marble is one of the largest distributors and importers of marble, onyx, and granite slabs in the New York Metropolitan area. We also specialize in granite, quartz and quartzite stone. Whether you’re in need of a countertop, new flooring, or want to spruce up your backyard with a walkway or barbecue top, we offer high quality service for a variety of projects to help give you the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Our Stone Slab Supply

At Mackson Marble, we offer a variety of stones to suit your needs. Each of these stones is of the highest quality and made to last with durable compositions.

Countertops Farmingdale NY Long Island Granite Marble Quartz


Marble is a beautiful type of rock commonly used in countertops and flooring. Its durable composition makes it popular for frequently-touched surfaces, while providing a smooth and sleek surface. It is offered in a variety of color options to match any home decor. Although it tends to be more expensive than comparable options, it is also elegant with various color options.


Granite is a popular choice for those looking for a high quality countertop, paving stones or floor tiles. It is less expensive than marble with lots of colors and patterns available. It is also more durable than marble, yet still susceptible to scratching or chipping.


Quartz is commonly used for decorative purposes. Although commonly used in jewelry and watches, quartz can also be used to spruce up the inside or outside of a home with various types of decor. Its beautiful, light colors makes it a popular choice for muted tones or small outdoor accents.


Quartzite is often used for surfaces such as countertops, flooring and wall covers. Due to its similar appearance to granite and marble, it is frequently used as an alternative. Quartzite is harder and more durable, making it scratched less easily. However, although it looks similar to marble or granite, it frequently has a duller glow.

Projects We Service in Oyster Bay, New York

We also offer a variety of services to help you select your stones smoothly. Whether you’re in need of a new countertop, exterior decoration, interior flooring, or a poolside oasis, we want to work with you to create your dream.

Marble, Granite & Stone Countertops

We offer a variety of high quality materials for your countertops, including marble, granite, quartz and quartzite. During our customized services, we help you understand the benefits of each stone to help you make a well-informed choice for your kitchen or bathroom.

Stone Flooring

Flooring materials are also available in a variety of stone types, such as marble, granite, quartz or quartzite. Using marble flooring creates a beautiful and durable walkway while increasing the value of your house. Quartz or quartzite flooring can be less likely to chip or scratch and are great for homes with kids.

Interiors and Exteriors

Granite, marble, quartz and quartzite are all durable and sleek options for both the inside and outside of your house. Whether you want to decorate the hearth to a fireplace, add edging to your pool, or create a new walkway, Mackson Marble has high quality options for you. We provide knowledgeable staff to help you make a well-informed decision about the best type of materials for you and your home.

Backyards, BBQs and Outdoor Kitchen Stone

We also offer many of the same high quality materials for stone slabs for your backyard and barbecues. Quartz, quartzite, marble and granite are all high quality and durable options for you to add a pathway, pool edging or outdoor countertop.

Our Commitment to the local Oyster Bay area and Long Island

At Mackson Marble, we have a high commitment to quality and services. We provide only the highest quality stones and helpful services to help you create your dream home. We not only believe in high quality services for each individual customer, but to businesses as well as we wholesale to the trades. We are open to the public and believe in the specialized treatment of each and every customer.

Long Island Wholesale Marble, Granite & Natural Stone Slab Supply

Mackson Marble sells to the tradespeople and wholesalers in New York City, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. We are an unparalleled wholesale supplier of surface materials for all your interior design projects!

Our accommodating marble, granite, and stone Showroom is always open to the public. We’re happy to work with private buyers, designers, contractors, and construction trade professionals to help them meet all of their building objectives.

Mackson Marble imports and distributes premium quality granite, marble, onyx slab material in the Long Island metropolitan area. When searching for a great slab of natural stone for an indoor or outdoor building project, please be certain to visit our showroom first.

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