How Quartzite and Granite Renovations Add to the Value of Property

If you’re planning to resell your home sometime in the future, or you want to be prepared in case you decide to, it never hurts to invest in your property to help increase the resell value. Whether you focus on interior renovations that breathe new life into your home or take it outside to raise the curb appeal, spending time and money on your home’s appearance and value can be a great investment. However, it’s important to make sure you’re making the right renovation choices, as some can increase the value more than others.

One of these areas to pay a close eye to is your countertops.

The materials used in your countertops can have a large impact on the value of your house. The kitchen is one of the most frequented areas within a house, so keeping it up to date with quality appliances and materials is important. However, picking the right material for your countertops can be difficult. To help, we’ve created this guide to walk you through both quartzite and granite to help you understand their impacts on your property’s value.


As you’re looking into the right countertops to both fit your home and raise your property’s value, you may have come across quartzite, a popular and trendy option. You may have also seen quartz as an option. While quartzite is not the same as quartz, it does offer a lot of the same benefits, plus more.

Quartzite vs. Quartz

One of the main differences between quartzite and quartz is the fabrication of the countertops. Quartzite is a naturally occurring stone that can be mined. The mined slabs are then cut to fit countertops precisely. On the other hand, quartz, while naturally found, isn’t usually big enough to form a countertop. Instead, quartz countertops are a blend of a high percentage of quartz as well as other materials such as epoxy resin.

As a result, quartzite has a different appearance and makeup. Quartzite usually comes in shades of white and grey, with some even taking on the appearance of marble. Quartzite is also better suited for countertops due to its strength.

To understand why quartzite is such a popular countertop choice, here are two reasons why it can raise property value:

2 Reasons the Installation of Quartzite Can Raise Property Value

Quartzite Appearance

One reason that quartzite is a popular investment to help increase property value is its appearance. It provides a cheaper alternative to marble thanks to its raw-vein-esque appearance, making it a modern and sophisticated choice.

However, unlike some other marble alternatives, quartzite is also highly durable, making it another popular investment choice.

Quartzite Durability

Quartzite is more durable than both quartz and granite, an option we’ll talk about more below. It’s resistant to scratching, and its seal help maintains its shine and clean appearance.

However, in order to maintain this durability, it’s important to take some time to maintain your quartzite countertops. They need a little more TLC than other options such as quartz and granite.


Granite is a trendy option in Long Island, New York and the surrounding areas, making it one of Mackson Marble Granite’s, a granite importer and distributor based in Farmingdale, best selling materials for countertops. It’s especially popular among younger house hunters.

And for good reason too.

Granite is a classic in interior design, with an abundance of benefits that allows it to maintain its appeal. To learn more, here are five reasons that installing granite in your house can raise the property value, making it another great investment option for your countertops:

Five Reasons the Installation of Granite Can Raise Property Value

Timeless Appeal of Granite

Granite has been a popular option for decades. Its appearance has a timeless appeal and fits most homes’ aesthetics. This is also beneficial because granite is long-lasting, meaning you won’t need to replace it so long as it is maintained properly.

How Long Do Granite Counterops Last?

Granite is designed to be durable and long-lasting. While it’s not as hard as quartzite, it still boasts considerable strength and durability, and it’s more resistant to scratching than some other options.

High Investment Potential

Granite is viewed as a premium material, meaning that including it in your home remodel can reap high returns in terms of investments.

Low Maintenance

One reason granite is so popular among younger house hunters is because it is low maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance can all be done at home with granite-safe products, and resealing doesn’t need to be done frequently.


Granite is mined from the earth and fabricated without any harmful chemicals, making it a great sustainable choice. Other than polishing, there is no true manufacturing needed, and proper maintenance allows them to last for a long time, reducing waste. As a result, granite can help add to the value of your property.

How Do Quartzite and Granite Compare?

Both quartzite and granite are popular options that can help increase the value of your property with installation. However, there are a few differences to be aware of. First, quartzite is usually more expensive than granite. This is because quartzite is a more durable option. However, granite is easier to maintain. Quartzite needs regular sealing or else liquids can seep into the pores of the stone, ruining your countertops. While granite shares this weakness, it doesn’t need to be sealed as often. Sealing granite is also easier to do at home thanks to a variety of granite-safe products available on the market.

Despite their differences, both quartzite and granite are great options to add value to your property, and which one works best for you can really depend on your household.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to renovate your home for you or to sell it later, adding to your property’s value is always beneficial. A good way to do that is by investing in quality materials for your countertops. Granite and quartzite are both high-quality and popular options, each with a wide variety of benefits, making them great investment choices to help increase the value of your property.

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